Zubaidi Johar is a Senior Research Officer attached to the River Basin Research Centre of National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM). He hold degree in Mathematics and, has a diverse background, beginning with his one year postgraduate training as a meteorologist from WMO Regional Training Centre Pune India and including his M.Sc. research on Urban Climate and Air Pollution. He undergone three long term training courses i.e. Air Pollution Management and Technology from SMHI Sweden, Air Pollution Control from GEC Japan and Acid Rain Monitoring from HIES Japan since his 23 working experiences. Zubaidi served as meteorological officer at Malaysian Meteorological Department for 18 years. He was involved in the Malaysia Haze Study project (1998-2001) conducted by CSIRO and funded by AusAID. Currently he specializes in water resources management with an emphasis on climate change impact.